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I teach all of my clients how to declutter their living space in order to find a place for the things that matter. I also help each client to find the most favorable placement of their existing furniture so they can enjoy their home more.

More About My Services

I provide a helping hand to those who do not like the idea of putting things in order and yet like to live in an orderly and aesthetically pleasing home where comfort and function are noticeably seen.

Many find clutter as the most irritating type of disorder in the home while the conditions of their surrounding environment affects their attitude, energy levels, productivity and mood. These are the very reasons why they desire a change in order to have a sanctuary they desire, where they often lead in seeking the help of professional organizers.

I am committed to provide services that will help busy parents and individuals take the first steps in getting rid of the source of emotional tension by putting their home back in order and provide an orderly mind and orderly habits into their life, so they can have an organized and beautiful space to call home.

Aside from that I will be working with them to create a home that is best suited for their needs, personality and every activity within their timeline and budget.

Services Offered

Below you will find the various services that I provide clients.

kitchen and pantry organization

Kitchen And Pantry Organizing

Kitchen and Pantry are two areas that get utilized more frequently than most other rooms in your home. The comfort and ease of your everyday meal preparation is highly dependent on how organized and simple to use these two areas. Therefore, the more organized and simple to use your kitchen and pantry are, the easier your everyday meal prep will be.

Why do you need this service?

Indicators that you need kitchen and pantry organization makeover; if cooking breakfast feels too difficult, dirty dishes are overflowing in the sink, you order meals too often because you don’t have enough room to actually cook, never find the right tools and spices when your needed the most, you have a chaotic Tupperware collection and most of your pantry supplies are either expired, over or understocking.

What To Expect?

The kitchen will be organized in order to have a functional space where everything will be placed within reach and should be designed to make the family cook happy or at least keep them sane.

For the kitchen pantry, it will be organized in such a way that the homeowners will be able to see what they have, can easily access its contents and can easily spot what pantry items that they don’t have.

Organizing Pricing

Initial Consultation (1 hour)Free
Initial Organizing Package$240 for 3 hours of work
Succeeding Organizing Service$85 per hour
Rush Services$100 per hour (minimum of 3 hour)
Organizing Products5% over purchase price

Payment is due every 10 hours of service or on project completion. A 20% deposit is required at time of booking. We look forward to meeting your organizing needs

interior redesign

Interior Redesign (Hands-on)

For hands-on interior redesign, I will provide a plan with regards to the most efficient existing furniture placement along with the actual implementation of the said plan.

Why do you need this service?

The main purpose of having an aesthetically pleasing home is not to impress house guests but for you to enjoy your home more. When you enjoy your personal surroundings, you feel comfortable and reinvigorated every time you walk through the door.

What to expect?

Living room or family room will be designed in such a way where function, comfort and beauty are all combined.

Interior Redesign Pricing

Initial Consultation (1 hour)Free
Initial Redesign Package$240 for 3 hours of work
Succeeding Redesign Services$85 per hour
Rush Services$100 per hour (minimum of 3 hour)
Products5% over purchase price