Help Your Clients Get Ready To Sell And Earn At The Same Time!

Let me help your clients get ready to sell their homes by doing cost effective interior redesign and home organizing. You can also earn from each client you refer! It’s easy and FREE!

Sell More

Happy Clients

Earn Money

Win Win


How The Program Works

I am a professional home organizer and interior redesigner and I’m willing to offer your clients 50% off home organizing and redesign work.

All you need to do is hand them a postcard like you see here and when they book an appoint and enter your unique referral code that’s listed on the card, they get 50% off and you earn $50!

This will not only provide your clients with an amazing offer but for the ones who may wish to sell their home, my service can help them to get ready.

To join the program and get your own set of postcards that contain your referral ID, simply complete the short form below.

There’s no cost to you and it’s a WIN WIN for you and your clients!

Get Your Unique Referral ID, Help Your Clients and Earn From Each Booked Referral!

Complete the Form

If you’re ready to help your clients get their homes ready to sell or just would like to earn money from each referral, simply complete this short form.

I will respond by email to confirm your request. Once confirmed I will bring your postcards to your office.

*You will earn $50 from each confirmed booked referral that pays for the service.