Some of My Work

Below you can find photos of some of the work I have done.

Whole House Remodel and Redesign

portfolio home redesign

Kitchen Before

This is a 1950’s style kitchen that had never been updated. You can see from the photo that it still retained the original wood cabinets, oven, cook top, even the sink.

The cabinets above the oven and and over the cook top where anchored to a wall that made the kitchen feel small and confined.

kitchen redesign before

Kitchen After

First, we opened up the kitchen by removing the wall shown in the before photo.

We then added new cabinets and oven, added all new cabinetry throughout the kitchen and updated the flooring.

A new farmhouse style sink was added, a dishwasher and a built in microwave.

kitchen after

Kitchen Fridge Area Before

The kitchen featured a refrigerator that stuck out about 6 inches into the walkway.

As you can see to the right of the fridge there was a closet that went inside the wall behind the fridge.

redesign of fridge area

Kitchen Fridge Area After

We removed the wall behind the fridge and removed the closet so we could use the area in the wall to sink the refrigerator inside that area. This create a lot more walking space.

We also added cabinets around the fridge to increase storage area,

fridge area after

Other Before And After photos of This Redesign and Remodel Project

wall area
after wall area
fireplace after
powder room remodel
powder room redesign and remodel
before photo of bathroom
after photo of bathroom
1950s bathroom
after photo of remodeled bathroom

Other Interior Redesign Projects

First Home Design

The primary seating area is positioned perpendicular to the fireplace in the living room of our first home. As rugs, coffee, and end tables are used to make the space suitable for a nice conversation, two accent chairs and two small benches are then put next the sofas to produce a balanced design.

As you will see in the next photos, we reused this furniture and accessories on our next two residences.

Condo Redesign Using Same Furniture

This is a photo of the condo we briefly rented after selling our first house. The coffee table is positioned in the middle of two enormous sofas that are set across from one another, underneath the chandelier. Then, in order to make a strong statement in our compact living space, I altered the location of artwork, end tables, and other furniture.

condo redesign

Current Home Using Same Furniture

Our current home was renovated and redesigned by us. One accent chair is placed on the opposite side of the two huge sofas, which are positioned at 90-degree angles to the walls. While using the same artwork, various groups of it are used. There were only a few living room furniture pieces used because of space restrictions.

living room redesign

Other Projects

Here are a few examples of other projects I have done.

Small Cabinet Organization

Small Drawer Organization

Small Cabinet Organization

small cabinet organization

Small Drawer Organization

small cabinet organization

Pantry Organization

pantry organization

Pantry Organization

pantry organization

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