Why Hire An Interior Redesigner?

Do you feel that you have never succeeded in giving your room the appearance or atmosphere that you had in mind? Maybe you’re tired of the current setup and want to get more use out of your existing furniture and decor. Or, maybe you recently moved and you want your furniture to appear as though it was bought with the new house in mind. Hiring an interior redesigner will help you to decorate your room with the designer look using the furniture and decor that you already own.

Often, homeowners struggle to see the full potential of their home due to years, sometimes even decades of staring at the same furnishings. This is where an interior redesigner will play a big role in opening their eyes as to how everything might be relocated to best suit their personal design style and the architectural features of their home.

What is so good about hiring an interior redesigner is that it’s typically far less expensive than undertaking a full home remodel or buying new furniture because the existing elements will be used to give the homeowner’s home a designer look. Aside from that, the redesign work often can be done in one day.

Redesign Professionals will evaluate the current decor of your home and determine how enhancements can be made while using the existing furniture, artwork and home decor based on their client’s needs. Decluttering and organizing are typically the first steps to make redesigning a success. All things that provide a chaotic feeling or messy and confusing surrounding need to be edited in order to create a functional, cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space.

How Interior Redesign Works?

Interior redesign is the art of repurposing, reusing and rearranging the existing furniture and accessories in a home to give the homeowner’s home a fresh and designer look. The changes will be based on the client’s needs, shape and size of the room using tried and tested design principles.

redesigned living room

This is the living room of our first house and the main seating area is positioned perpendicular to the fireplace. Then the two accent chairs and two small benches are placed beside the sofas to create a balanced look while rugs, coffee and end tables are utilized to make the space suited for a good conversation.

condo redesign

This is the picture of the condo that we rented temporarily when we sold our first home. I placed the coffee table under the chandelier and in the middle of two large sofas that are placed across from one another. Then, I rearranged the placement of artwork, end tables and other furniture to make a bold statement in our small living space.

living room redesign
redesign if living room

The two pictures above are our current home. The two large sofas are arranged at 90 degree angles to the walls and one accent chair is positioned on the opposite side. The same artwork is utilized but grouped differently. Due to space limitations, there were few living room furniture pieces used.

Interior redesign can provide a different ambiance and a new look using the exact same items, the least expensive form of home improvement.

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