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I’m a professional organizer, certified interior home redesigner, certified home stager, industrial engineer, and wife.

How I Got Started

I discovered my passion for home organizing after I got married, but I have always been fascinated with beautiful homes. I knew at an early age that I wanted to be an interior designer but unfortunately there was no such industry in the Philippines, if there was it only catered to the smallest percentage of the population. So, I ended up becoming an Industrial Engineer, the most practical career, where I would most likely get employment in most industries.

During my engineering career, I was appointed to bring organizational changes to the entire company through the implementation of the famous Japanese workplace organization method also known as The 5S System. Little did I know, this system helped me to discover my gift for organizing.

When I migrated to the U.S, I suddenly found myself enamored with different organizing products. I also loved watching home improvement TV shows and learned so much from their interior designs to their clever housekeeping advice.

My fascination with the discipline of organization and home interior design began to be reflected in my daily activities. More and more, I began to apply the things that I had learned when I was working as an engineer and the things that I had seen on the TV and internet. I always wanted our home to not only be clean and organized but also to be aesthetically pleasing.

I ended up convincing my husband to buy a 1950s fixer upper house, so I could transform the space into my dream home. After 5 months of renovation, we finally opened up our home to our family and friends and we received a lot of praises for the interior design and layout of the house.

Because of this positive feedback, I decided to make a blog about organizing and home and decor. I also took my obsession to another level by getting a certification in the two fields that I love. In 2021, I became a professional organizer, certified in home interior redesign and a certified home stager.

My goal is to help as many busy parents and homeowners make simple changes to their home that can have a big impact on their personal lives. This comes through finding a place for everything and the most favorable furniture arrangement. This provides for more reasons to enjoy their home more.

about Marife Lindsay
Marife Lindsay

Professional Home Organizer and Interior Redesigner

 Whatever your dream, I can help you to achieve the style and functionality you desire in your home.

certificate interior redesign
certificate organizing
certificate home staging

Professional Certifications

I have received my certification in INTERIOR REDESIGN, PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER, as well as HOME STAGING.

certificate interior redesign